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Waking Up Our Ancestral Instincts

Melanin Mothers Meet provides safe spaces for women of color to express themselves without judgement, be themselves without hate, and  love themselves without hesitation!

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Homeschooling in Color:
Simple Solutions for Intentional Excellence
January 15, 2022 11:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

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Our Services

We provide training, coaching, and consulting to help African American women/mothers have healthy pregnancies, postpartum care, and successful breastfeeding experiences.

Our services are available for individuals, groups, and corporations.

Womb Care

Postpartum Care

Breastfeeding Support

About Us

Being a mother can be overwhelming, especially after the birth of a baby. Multiple children? No problem, we will help care for children too! M3 offers a postpartum care task force for mothers in this stage to help alleviate stress, depression, and/or fear by providing assistance in cooking, childcare, cleaning and conversation.

Don't have any children yet? No problem, we still need your help! Need volunteer hours? M3 would love to connect with you! Ask us how!


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Melanin Mothers Meet: Testimonials 

 A word from our founder and others who have been influenced by M3!

Founder: Trishay (Yata)

 "Melanin Mothers Meet helps women to re-identify their whole self by providing them with a network of women they can trust, the tools to regain  confidence, release depression and build up self esteem. Most importantly,  M3 encourages raising melanin babies in a way that never holds them back."


Nana, The Alley Shoppe

"Melanin Mothers Meet has inspired me to step out of my shell and embrace a new level of Sisterhood. My Family (Mate, Son and Daughter) moved to Tallahassee Florida in 2017 to open a cultural shop called "The Alley Shoppe." She gave my family and I a new sense of Family away from home. We're forever Grateful for the impact she's had on me solely as an individual as well as for business." 


 Professor Iyanu, FAMU


"Melanin Mothers Meet has helped me immensely with my school. Not only did it provide me with like-minded clientele (mothers who wanted their children to get health-centered and African centered education), the creator of  Melanin Mothers Meet herself (Trishay/Yata) came and taught students when I needed help. This experience helped me to realize my love for teaching. Thank you Melanin Mothers Meet!"

Melanie, Tallahassee, FL

After having my daughter I didn’t have to stress about my day to day needs at home. Women in our organization, Melanin Mothers Meet, were there for me every day of each week during my maternity leave. My husband was able to work and not worry about doing everything that was needed at home. I was thankful to have people to help me and keep me company while I experienced these stages of motherhood, and long after that. 


Chauntee, Tampa, FL

As parents, we felt alone in our opinions and somewhat misunderstood. In the most serendipitous way, Trishay/Yata reached out and introduced me to some of the most open-minded revolutionary groups of women that I never knew I needed. That was made possible through Melanin Mothers Meet, and for that I am grateful.


Re'Shaun, Tallahassee, FL

Being a part of Melanin Mothers Meet is such an amazing experience. To be in a space that allows for black women to be their authentic selves is a breath of fresh air.


Wallisha, Tallahassee, FL

The services received from Melanin Mothers Meet was greatly appreciated and much needed. This was the first time in all 5 births I had experienced this level of love help and support. These types of services are critical for families after birth! 


-Queen Taese, Founder/CEO of Liberated Black Homeschool & Education Institute

 When I first met Trishay from Melanin Mothers Meet, I knew immediately that she was a beautiful rare spirit. Her passion, commitment and dedication to our Melanin mothers and the ancient divine lives that come through our wombs is sacred work. Trishay is full of life and a breath of fresh air, which is inspiring to everyone she touches. Melanin Mothers Meet is a critical resource for Mommies to be loved on and fully supported educationally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually to ensure both wholistically healthy babies and mothers. This is proving to change lives globally, as I experienced personally with her speaking at our Annual Liberated Minds Black Homeschool Expo in Atlanta, as well as contributing as a writer to our resource magazine. It has been an honor to support this budding lotus and a joy connecting in Sisterhood! 


Sherraine, Jacksonville, FL

 Trishay/Yata came into my life at a time where I needed a major change. I'd been stalking her on Facebook for awhile, and an opportunity presented itself for a Breastfeeding photo shoot. We linked & from there I started coming to the “Melanin Mothers Meet” meetings and it truly helped me. Being around like minded women, having similar experiences and building this amazing "Sistarhood". Yata personally has given me the push that I needed to start my own business when I was afraid to, so being around her and all the other business owners in the group gave me inspiration to do so. Her loyalty is unmatched. She is like the bigger sister I've always wanted to have and when I feel unsure. I trust her opinion to ease my anxiety. I’m filled with so much gratitude that the Universe connected us to each other. We’re conquering the world starting with ourselves & that’s where all healing comes from. 


Reflections: Melanin Mothers Meet M3

Accountable • Responsible • Inspirational

M3 holds each other accountable so it can expand into our communities.
M3 will beat the odds, fighting not only to bring our mothers together, but our children and fathers. 
M3 encourages you to keep your eyes on the road ahead, while comprehending the road behind you.


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About us

We offer a plethora of resources, strategies and tools for melanin women, mothers and babies. We are here to give Melanin Mothers back their power of being emotionally sound, informed of options pertaining to preconception, prenatal care, pregnancy, birthing, postpartum care and overall mothering our melanin babies.

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