Our Story

Melanin Mothers Meet, or M3, was created in August 2016. M3  hosts events, workshops, conference calls, seminars and retreats catered to elevating mothers/women of color on health, spiritual wellness, education & finance/business. 

Being a mother can be overwhelming, especially after the birth of a baby. Multiple children? No problem, we will help care for children too!

M3 offers a postpartum care task force for mothers in this stage to help alleviate stress, depression, and/or fear by providing assistance in cooking, childcare, cleaning and conversation.

Don't have any children yet? No problem, we still need your help! Need volunteer hours? M3 would love to connect with you! Ask us how!

Our Mission

Melanin Mothers Meet provides practical tools/resources to support and educate African American women/mothers on how to have healthy pregnancies, postpartum care, successful  family dynamics and breastfeeding experiences.


Melanin Mothers Meet

P.O. Box 7464 

Tallahassee, FL 32314, US

About us

We offer a plethora of resources, strategies and tools for melanin women, mothers and babies. We are here to give Melanin Mothers back their power of being emotionally sound, informed of options pertaining to preconception, prenatal care, pregnancy, birthing, postpartum care and overall mothering our melanin babies.

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